Friday, December 9, 2011

With times,

Hello there. I've come to realize that I've been running away for such a long time. Words from my mouth can be wrong or right, affected by my ego-ness, my emotion, and whatnot, but the one that comes from the heart can't never be wrong. So, here I am, spilling out the words from the heart, not affected by emotion, or egoism.

I really miss my friends back in Taiping, the 'Sopan' Crew, the budak-budak lelaki yang tak pernah nak matang, but I love them anyways. And us all, as a whole, I really miss them, like shit.

lolol, I really missed the moment we buat havoc sana sini macam orang gila, macam orang tak reti nak sedar-sedar yang SPM is just few months away, and tak sedar-sedar yang we actually dah 17 years old. Hahaha, I've got to be honest, I was hurt, I knew I was wrong, but not fully wrong, you really cannot put all the blame on me right. Oh, how I wished I could turn back time, and fixed every single shits that I made. 

Thus, with times, I really hope that I could still fix the problem, I'll try not to run away from you guys. You guys are splendid, really. But you know, there are always two sides of every stories kan. 

And I seriously owe you guys a very big apology for all my wrongdoings, hope we can clear things up. You guys are good friends <3 It's just me who maybe have masalah dalaman lol. Haha, till then okay. xoxo.